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Spiritual Guidance * Reiki Healing *  Remote Healing * Reiki Training *  Shamanic Healing *  Sound Therapy  



(Empaths, Starseeds, Crystal and Indigo children)

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We are at a time on our planet where many of our  highly sensitive children are in need of support  in helping them to identify and understand who they truly are.   Many children are being born as highly sensitive Starseeds, Empaths, Indigo  and Crystal children who may find it a struggle to fit in  and are often misunderstood.  Why is this?  Well these  highly sensitive children are the  voices,  healers,  innovators,  creators of the  NEW  WORLD.  They are born with special gifts and need to be understood on a level that many cannot relate .    In the process of trying to be understood they may be presented with challenges that can appear or be labelled  as anxiety, depression, stress, shyness,  fussiness, etc.  They may appear to be  a highly sensitive introverted/extroverted child  or both.  What these highly sensitive children are experiencing is an overwhelming influx of energy from their surroundings whether it be people's emotions , sounds, lights, smells, etc.    

 As a highly sensitive  introverted child they may withdraw and find solace in being by themselves.  As a highly sensitive extroverted child they may appear  as having tons of energy and need lots of stimulation.  Whether your  highly sensitive child is introverted or extroverted the need for guidance and understanding is necessary  to help them to evolve in a world in which  they are misunderstood.   They need to be told how amazing and special they are.  They need to  be shown how to embrace all of their highly sensitive traits.  They need to feel like they belong and that there is nothing wrong with them.  They need to be encouraged and reassured of their amazing unique qualities.   A strong loving support group  is all they  need to evolve into the amazing highly sensitive souls that they are.  With this encouragement their confidence will soar and they will embrace their truths as they evolve  into the amazing sensitive souls they were created to  become.  


 These highly  sensitive children  take on the world’s emotions and are the one’s who were created to guide and spread awareness to humanity.

How Reiki will help our highly sensitive children?

Reiki energy healing is a great tool used to help clear and balance all levels of the body including, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  It promotes relaxation and confidence allowing our children to feel more comfortable and confident with who they are.  Reiki will help with providing greater clarity and understanding. 

Additional benefits:

Reiki will help improve concentration, enhance relaxation and sleep, calm and promote balance while enhancing 

 self-awareness and self-esteem.

13 - 15 yrs old 


60 mins

Session includes: Discussion, energy exchange on front of body with hand positions that cover the head/face/torso/knees and feet. In addition, sound therapy tools will be used during session 

(i.e. rattles, bells, crystal singing bowls).

16 - 17 yrs old


 75 m​ins

Session includes: Discussion, energy exchange on front of body with hand positions that cover the head/face/torso/knees and feet. In addition, sound therapy tools will be used during the healing session 

(i.e. rattles, bells, crystal singing bowls).